If any, it was only the last straw where an

urgent watch is kept on her tranquil pupils,

mirroring a deserted island amidst the sea of their

void one moment, and being the very picture of a

motionless bleeding corpse that spoils the purity of

her eyes the next.

They can’t help reminiscing her captivating melodic

pattern, Where could those mesmerizing authentic

sentences have departed to?

Their senses are attentively holding on to her

upcoming utterances, yet her silence glorifies

nothing more than sending shivers down their


Seeing her overly struck by individuality and

aloofness, no one had no say in her alienation

despite their knowledge of how rare it is to run

off without suffocating or losing an I.

Denatured she is to the extent that no enticing

ecstasy could evoke her to swoon over! Even the

severest outbursts of traumatic occurrences come

to be extrinsic to her.

Eventually witnessing a fall of their unguarded

utterances of how lighthearted she was to efface

the better days she has seen, they conjure up the

cautions that had previously fallen on her deaf ears

while standing on the verge of madness in

consequence of her costly pace.

In vain she is digging for the echoes of a sole voice

or the reflections of a mere image, but how could

these plainly familiar people end up so exotic to

her that she’s gazing at their faces searchingly as if

she had never encountered such a thing, barely


All were on the account of the dream that she had

regained her consciousness afterward fleeing at

herself with exasperation, for her mental wirings

were no more perplexed, yet every treasured piece

insinuated a pass out of that supernatural memory

of hers and it is, by no means, to be snatched back

although it hasn’t been so long since she last swore

to stick to it till death in the course of just

pretending to be alive.

The fact that had always remained indecipherable

in such a bitterly serene addictive darkness deludes

everyone that God’s blessings have certainly

emancipated this naive soul…

And yet, Illusions…All are illusions!


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