It’s a sin to show your weakness. Beware, they’re looking, they’re writing everything so that one day they will show you who you are…

You’re a heart crusher aren’t you? They don’t have to know, that she’s using your blood for lipstick. She doesn’t have to know, that her scent has poisoned you long ago and that you’re struggling with death ever since you met.

She doesn’t have to know, how her face is haunting you in the moments of silence. She doesn’t have to know, that you’re holding your tears back every time you write in your silly notebook.

Light up a cigarette, inhale the smoke, and pretend that you’re exhaling her memory out, while in fact you’re choking on it.

What did she do to you? How could she turn you into a mass murderer, and make you kill every other person in your heart for her sake? How could she befriend your demons, so that now they keep screaming her name?

The streets don’t look like you anymore; your coffee is like a daily medication you’re used to the taste of. Your mind is forcing the idea of her into every song you hear.

She has stripped you from the vision that you naively let her touch. You’re a blind man now, walking without your consciousness, and who knows how close the precipice is? Who knows when you will fall? For if they don’t see your weakness now, they’ll soon hear the sound of your shattering bones…

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