We were missing colours, from the moment we were painted on that empty canvas, no one saw a thing, so they just painted over us. We looked at life from the outside, because we could never really enter.

It seemed busy out there, everyone was busy running, but we could never join the race, so we just waited. We waited for something divine. For some unknown reason, we felt that we were chosen, and maybe we were. Maybe we were chosen and forgotten, maybe a misfortunate event delayed the message, forever…

We became so sick of waiting, so we decided to join the race. We tried to imitate people in the way they live, pretended to want what they want, to need what they need, and maybe we pretended for too long, that we forgot.

We became human, with human dreams, no more super versions of ourselves.

Back then when we used to watch the race from the outside, it didn’t seem so cruel. Once inside, we realized that people didn’t really enjoy running, they were only terrified that they’ll never find a seat. Seats on earth, as it seems, are very limited.

We on the other hand know that it’s not worth it, to step on other people just to get a seat and watch the rest of this absurd race. We were already watching our whole life, and we weren’t impressed by any of it. And yet, we run…

We run to forget about the bugs that are crawling under our skins, we run to shake of the horrifying images of people getting crushed and stepped on, we run and we salute them may they rest in pieces. We think about dropping out of the race a thousand times every thousand seconds.

Some of us already have an escape plan hidden in a drawer, under the bed, or hanging from a ceiling. We stare at our escape plan and we can picture ourselves quitting, over and over in our heads.

This race is too mad for us, or maybe we are too mad for it. Those of us who still stare at their escape plans from time to time, are still here because they still have some hope that one day, they will hear the call.

Though they cannot help but wonder, whether those who left already, were the chosen ones, and whether they heard the call, and it told them to quit the race.

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