they’re mesmerized by
your obsolete death
As a pretext of this
wide dispersion,
the plight of humanity
is their ridiculed myth,
presiding over scions
of pokemon not men

Until Solomon’s temple
is no longer a mystery,
or political mass hypnotics
get bored of monopoly
having recourse to providence
mightn’t repeal hegemony
Poor you
trying to liven
up to filthy tyranny

Advocated scandals are
shamelessly disguised
wary fibs agglomerate by
the guise of the order
Diligence intimidates them,
minorities might be idolized
in despotic societies
leading sheeple to slaughter

Vaccine, pills, conspiracy,
An apex, or reconciliations?
the devoted will to alter
demeaned by caricatures
And yet to their excellency
You’re chanting incantations
in praise of guilty elites
from presidents
to billionaires.

Implicated heretic men
dwelling in
Tempted by rare specters
of your feral carcass
Only if you condemned
their ramshackle stability
You’d have turned swaggers to
spectators in the circus.


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