Tragic and true

I believed in you

you showed your true colors

I dismissed them like all the others

a facade I placed over your actions

as I dreamed of only the fractions

of time I spent with you, those were times I wouldn’t feel blue

for whatever reason

your presence distant or near

I felt a sensation of revere

You were so hardworking

so kind and gentle with the kids

you admired my smile and looks

with those eyes that had me hypnotized

your words pulled me in and

wrapped me tight

your mind wouldn’t let me out of sight

It must have been fate

two souls so different but

we loved the same music

and that’s how we met, hey?

at a place where our favorite songs played

we could talk for hours, til the end of the day

you were the reason I looked forward to waking up early and the reason I didn’t mind staying up late

you were always my favorite date

My love for you grew stronger

as you pulled away

I tried to ignore it

and gave silly reasons for my dismay

our talks became chats

and our chats become short

I wondered why I was living in such a romantic distort

I knew very well what was happening

but denial flowed through

as if I wasn’t picking up a single clue

you were cold and angry

and I was sad and blue

you smiled at my misery

and I still stuck to you like glue

I don’t know how you had me acting

like such a fool

I shrugged my shoulders and let the story play on

there were other days were things couldn’t go wrong?

that was never the case

I became angry and bitter

hurt and sick

I lost myself in this fucking prick

I became the monster

even though that wasn’t the truth

you painted an illusion

for your friends in that booth

I was always so kind, caring, and loved you so much

but you were never present, never there,

always out of touch

you could be there for others

but your girlfriend, that was too much

so, I ended things since you were already gone

you dismissed yourself but still held on

I was tired and weary of this game we

were playing

there was no point in staying

we said our goodbyes so quickly

and cold. It’s as if our hearts were filled with mold

the life of our relationship had expired

and it was time to throw it away before it became even more dire.

The poison was bleeding through

And our hearts became sour right on cue

It took me awhile to cut you out my life

to detach every string

but I did

this mariposa flew away from you kid.

goodbye, farewell, adieu.

to every single piece of you.

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